Bird Feeders for Outside Wild Birds, Metal Bird Feeder for Outdoors Hanging, Retractable 6.2 LB Seed Large Capacity Bird Feeders for Garden (Green)

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bird feederbird feeder


Our factory specializes in research and development of bird feeders for 20 years,

producing various bird feeders and hummingbird water feeders.

We provide well-made products and satisfactory services. Choose us to improve your quality of life. Love life,& Love nature.

Decflow Bird Feeders

bird feederbird feeder

Durable All-Metal Material: Our bird feeders are made of metal and are galvanized to prevent rusting, heavy-duty metal bird feeders prevent squirrels from chewing and breaking. The top has a bird-shaped retention lock to prevent squirrels or other animals from lifting the lid and entering the seed bank, the right size net, and an overhanging roof to keep the food dry, so it is waterproof and suitable for outside hanging.
360° Panoramic Feeding: The diamond net surface and square seed tray create a comprehensive dining area that allows multiple birds to dine from all angles, and the chassis also has 4 foldable perches for more birds to rest.
Easy to Install and Clean: The outdoor folding bird feeder does not require you to assemble it after it is taken out of the box, we include an “S” hook for free. To add seeds, lift the bird clip up first, then open the lid to put the seeds into the feeder, then close the lid and move the clip down so that the clip holds the lid and prevents squirrels from entering. When cleaning, you don’t need to disassemble it, you can directly clean it with a brush, and it will look brand new after cleaning.
Not 100% Squirrel-proof: Our new metal net bird feeder, the whole body is made of metal, resistant to bite and corrosion. There are bird-shaped clips on the top, which can fix the cover and prevent squirrels from entering, But we cannot guarantee that the squirrel will not climb up, we can only let it steal fewer seeds because the squirrel is too smart.

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