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Bird Netting for Garden 13x33ft – Sukh Garden Netting Mesh Netting for Garden Protection Heavy Duty Bird Netting Garden Fence Plant Netting Chicken Netting Poultry Netting

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Bird netting – ideal for achieve a good harvest
The hard-earned vegetables are eaten by the chickens, and the fruit trees waiting to ripen give the passing birds a good meal, which is really annoying. Sukh anti-bird netting solves your problems, protects the grain from harm, and allows you to have a good harvest.

Size:13*33ft,0.8 inch square mesh

1.Sturdy and reusable – the bird netting is made of polyethylene,which is lightweight and sturdy.
2.Wide applications – garden netting are suitable for protect fruits,vegetables and plant from birds,which is a great barrier.
3.Easy to use – the netting can be easily cut.therefore,your can adjust the size according to your need.

How to install the net:
1. Determine the size you need – Cut the netting to the appropriate size based on the size of the vegetable patch you want to protect.
2. Prepare tools – If there are suitable supports around the vegetable field, you only need to prepare ropes or ties. Thread zip ties through the mesh holes to secure the bird netting to the posts. If there is no suitable support around the vegetable patch, you can purchase ground nails to fix the net to the ground.
3.Tip – The diameter of the mesh is about 2CM, so in order to better protect the plants, it is best to have a buffer distance between the fixed position of the net and the vegetables.

【Easy to cut】:The garden netting is large enough that you can cut it according to your needs. It can be used in one piece as a fence, or cut to size to protect individual plants.
【Durable】: The garden net is made of high quality polyethylene material, lightweight but strong, not easy to knot and tear.
【Protection】: With this netting for garden protection, you don’t have to worry about the food that you have worked so hard to be eaten by chickens, and you don’t have to worry about the fruits on the tree being damaged by birds before they can be picked.Protect your fruits, vegetables and plants.
【Wide range of uses】: Can be used as poultry nets and anti-bird nets to stop chickens, rabbits and birds from entering your garden, and prevent them from damaging the planted tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, berries and other vegetables and fruits. While ensuring a good harvest, the animals are not harmed.

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