Blockcision Setup Blocks Woodworking Tools – 16-Piece Gauge Block Set with Precise Ruler-Marked Bars, Protective Case, Carpenter’s Pencil and Square – Solid Aluminum Table Saw Accessories

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Product Description

Setup Blocks WoodworkingSetup Blocks Woodworking

Setup Blocks WoodworkingSetup Blocks Woodworking

Setup Blocks WoodworkingSetup Blocks Woodworking

Setup Blocks WoodworkingSetup Blocks Woodworking

Boost Your Productivity

No more taking ages setting up your saw blade with a ruler. No more straining to read a tape measure as you get that router bit in place.

Make quick, precise work of your woodworking machine setup with Blockcision.

Every set comes with 16 aluminum setup blocks, including a handy 123 block. So, you’ll have the power to perform hundreds of measurements through different combinations.

Setup Blocks WoodworkingSetup Blocks Woodworking

Precision Without Compromise

Have spot-on accuracy in your corner whenever you work the table saw, router table, drill press, or band saw.

Blockcision allows you to quickly get any measurement from 1/16” to 1” in 1/32” increments, all while enjoying ± 0.001” precision.

So, whether you’re setting the height of bits, squaring the chisel on a mortising machine, or checking joinery cuts, you’ll get it right on the first try.

Setup Blocks WoodworkingSetup Blocks Woodworking

Setup Blocks WoodworkingSetup Blocks Woodworking

Setup Blocks WoodworkingSetup Blocks Woodworking

Look closer at our setup bars, and you’ll see what sets them apart from all the rest: precise ruler markings on each & every block, not just on the 1-2-3. So now, when working on all kinds of projects, fast measurements will be as easy as 1, 2, 3. For quick glimpse-reading, both the ruler and size markings are laser-etched onto the metal and created with high-contrasting color.

Discover a gauge block set designed to outlast your workbench. Each of the set up blocks is crafted out of solid aluminum alloy – a scratch-resistant metal that won’t dull the cutting edges on your blades and bits. To safely store and easily carry all your precision setup blocks, we’ve included a strong polypropylene case with a dual lock mechanism and a sturdy handle.

At Eleon, we’re always out to help you reach the pinnacle of your craft. That’s why we’ve thrown in essential woodworking tools you won’t find in other 16-piece setup block sets. You’ll receive 1 carpenter’s square and 1 carpenter’s pencil in the same smart blue as the setup blocks. Looking for a thoughtful gift any carpenter or DIYer will simply love? You’ve found it!

Unique Ruler Markings for Quick Measurements … You’ve just stumbled upon the only 16-piece setup block set with ruler markings on each bar. While other sets only mark the 123 block, we’ve graduated every single one to help you make measurements on the fly.
Work With Incredible Precision … Whether you’re setting up your table saw blade or router, next-level accuracy will be on your side. Blockcision bars are precise to ± 0.001” and allow you to make any measurement from 1/16” to 1” in 1/32” increments.
Solid Metal for Solid Durability … Get setup blocks & woodworking tools crafted to withstand the busiest workshops. Our aluminum alloy table saw accessories are dent-resistant and don’t dull cutting edges. You’ll also love the laser-engraved markings that never scratch off.
Get Tools You Won’t Find Elsewhere … Make your next project the most successful one yet with our bonus woodworking accessories. We’ve not only included a sturdy polypropylene case, but also a carpenter’s pencil and square. Go ahead, do your best work!

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