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GoGiffy (2-Pack) Metal, 16-Inch, 6-Port Strong Polycarbonate Tube with Durable Metal Perches, Ports, Roof, Floor & Hanger | Chew-Proof, Rust-Proof, Hanging Wild Bird Feeders for Small Outdoor Birds |

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Price: $34.99 - $24.99
(as of Nov 09,2023 21:49:30 UTC – Details)

Introducing our 6-port black 2-pack premium grade metal and polycarbonate tube bird feeder. Not only is this bird feeder attractive to look at, it’s also designed to last – made from a combination of durable premium grade metal and strong polycarbonate tube material, this feeder is chew-proof, rust-proof and weather and water resistant. Hang your bird feeder up in your garden and attract a variety of birds. This feeder has six feeding ports and its design ensures that all birds can enjoy an equal access to the feed. Forget about bird feeders that rust, corrode or become damaged easily – our bird feeder is designed to last season after season. Enjoy attracting a wide variety of birds to your garden with this premium grade metal and polycarbonate 6-port tube bird feeder. Add the GoGiffy bird feeder to your cart today!
LARGE CAPACITY – The GoGiffy wild bird feeder holds 3 to 4 cups of birdseed at a time, depending on the type of seed. It holds mixed seed, black-oil sunflower seed, sunflower chips, safflower seed, and many others so you’ll never run out – The clear reservoir makes it easy to monitor seed levels at a glance so you’ll never be out of seed during peak feeding times.
6 FEEDING PORTS – Perfect for bird-watchers! This large capacity feeder offers a generous supply of six ports for multiple birds to eat at once, allowing for a larger range of birds to enjoy at the same time. Perches and ports are purposefully smaller in size as to not attract larger birds. Perfect size for songbirds!
EASY TO REFILL AND CLEAN – Comes with a lift-lid for easy and convenient filling. Transparent seed tube ensures it is easy to see when the seeds run out, so they can be easily replenished. Regular cleaning will keep the bird feeder sanitary and continually ready to attract birds.
ATTRACT A LARGE VARIETY OF BIRDS – The GoGiffy tube feeder is great for attracting wild birds like finch, cardinal, chickadee, sparrow, goldfinch and more! Hang in your yard or outside your kitchen window for pleasant bird watching. Add the GoGiffy bird feeder to your cart today!

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