Lily’s Home Mosaic Glass Hanging Bird Feeder for Outside Wild Birds. with Short Perches for Small to Medium Birds. Deter Grackles, Doves and Blackbirds – Cardinal Feeders for Outdoors. Outdoor Decor

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Welcome Your Neighborhood’s Wild Birds With This Stunning Feeder. This glass bird feeder moonlights as an intricate art piece when your feathered friends are not around. You’ll love how it looks hanging outside your window or just off your deck, attracting neighborhood wild birds and fueling them up for a long day. They’ll return to your feeder each day to enjoy fresh seeds. Fill with store bought seeds. Easy to refill, simply pull the top off and refill the glass cylinder. Stunning feeder looks spectacular in photos and doubles as a decoration when it’s not in use. Dimensions: 10” height, 6 3/4 diameter at the bottom. Hanging cord is included and is approx 10 inch long.
If you’re looking for the perfect bird feeder to enjoy birds visiting your yard, you’ve come to the right place! Our selection of quality bird feeders are designed to please all bird lovers. This bird feeder is constructed from glass and metal. It is sturdy and built for all weathers, so your birds can visit your yard all year long without worry.
Our bird feeders are a great way to enjoy wildlife without taking up large gardens, courtyards, or even balconies. This Mosaic glass feeder is the ultimate feeder for small to medium wild birds: The hanging tube-style feeder with short perches will attract finches and other small birds, but grackles, blackbirds and doves find them hard to use. The hanging outdoor wild bird feeder is roughly 10-inches tall and can hold approx 3 cups of bird seed.
Attracts Birds and is Easy to Use: Made of glass in a colorful mosaic pattern, the bright colors helps to attract birds and encourages them to feed. While the base plate design allows birds to simply access seed and then easily fly away after enjoying a meal.
The Ultimate Size for Small to Medium Wild Birds: The Hanging tube-style feeders with short perches will attract finches and other small birds, but grackles and blackbirds find them hard to use. The Hanging Outdoor Wild Bird Feeder Hopper is roughly 10-inches tall and can hold approx 3 cups of bird seed. Each feeder comes with a hanging loop for easy installation.
Easy to Hang and Rain Proof- The bird feeder can be easily hung from any tree branch or outdoor structure with the included hanging loop. The strong and durable metal string is designed to withstand all weather conditions. The top is protecting the bird food from the rain and is easily removed in order to fill up the glass cylinder with seeds. In order to avoid Squirrels and to protect your precious bird food and seed, we recomend using a squirrel baffle.
Attracts Wildlife – This bird feeder is designed to attract both small and medium size birds from all around your garden. With its bright colors and inviting design, you can easily attract cardinals, Jays, Finches, Chickadee, Woodpekers and more.

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