Lyric Delite Wild Bird Seed, No Waste Bird Food Mix with Shell-Free Nuts and Seeds, 20 lb. Bag & Finch Wild Bird Seed, Small Songbird Bird Finch Food, 20 lb. Bag

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Price: $104.90 - $98.91
(as of May 20,2023 17:03:17 UTC – Details)

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About us

What we stand for

Every variation of Lyric Wild Bird Food is developed based on five principles that have been a part of its manufacture from the beginning.

Our goal at lyric is to attract the widest variety of birds possible. We do this by selecting the high quality seeds, grains, nuts, and fruit ingredients on the market, as well as providing information on which feeders are best used in conjunction with your favorite Lyric Wild Bird Food.

The team members at Lyric love birds, and we’ll fly the extra mile to ensure that each mix contains only the best ingredients and nutrients that birds need to thrive. Competing brands often change the recipe of their mixes based on the quirks of the grain and seed markets – buying surplus, unwanted or damaged supplies to keep costs down, at the expense of nutrition and product consistency.

Product 1: Attracts a wide variety of wild birds such as buntings, chickadees, woodpeckers and finches
Product 1: Shell-free for no weeds and no waste. Seeds without a protective shell will not germinate beneath the feeder
Product 1: Birds enjoy every morsel
Product 2: Premium blend attracts more finches and other small songbirds to your feeders
Product 2: All natural food with no fillers
Product 2: Five nutritional ingredients is a special mix of small seeds small songbirds love
Product 2: Use a feeder with small openings

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