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POOKULA Window Bird Feeder, 180° Clear View Bird Feeder, Durable and Elegant in-Window Bird Feeder for Watching Birds – Embrace The Delight of Bird Feeder.

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Price: $89.99 - $74.99
(as of Nov 15,2023 03:01:36 UTC – Details)

Product Description



Intimate Natural Observation

With the illusion of no barriers, witnessing birds up close displaying their natural behaviors, vibrant plumage, and intricate interactions, an unparalleled opportunity for observation unfolds before you.


Edutainment at Its Best

Edutainment at Its Best Whether you reside in an apartment or are a dedicated bird enthusiast, our feeder provides captivating entertainment and educational value. Spend hours exploring your backyard’s intricate ecosystem, as birds come and go, fostering an intimate connection with nature.



POKUULA creates high-quality Window Bird Feeders with practicality, beauty, and fashion using carefully designed and stable structures made from durable wood, resulting in an improved living environment.

Expert Craftsmanship Sturdy Construction Elegant Design Premium Materials

The Window Bird Feeder

Your Front Row Seat to Nature’s Elegance!
Crafted with precision from premium materials, our bird feeder is designed to weather any storm, promising years of unwavering enjoyment. Peer into the world of birds as if there’s no barrier. Observe their behaviors, plumage, and interactions up close, a chance for unmatched observation. Tailored for single and double-hung windows spanning 27″ to 36″ wide, seamlessly integrating with your living space’s aesthetic.




A Living Art Display

Our Window Bird Feeder not only brings the joy of bird watching but also adds a touch of sophistication to your living environment, creating a harmonious blend of nature and aesthetics.

Seamless Access

With the flip-top feature, refilling the feeder has never been easier. Simply lift the lid to reveal a spacious reservoir, ready to be filled with your favorite bird food.

Gift the Experience

Searching for the perfect gift? Our Window Bird Feeder fits occasions like Christmas and Children’s Day, sharing the artistry of nature.


Nature’s Gallery

Watch birds as though the window isn’t there. Witness their behaviors, colors, and interactions up close for an unmatched spectacle.

【 Up-Close Natural Observation】As if there were no barrier at all, you’ll witness birds up close, showcasing their natural behaviors, vibrant plumage, and intricate interactions, providing an unparalleled opportunity for observation.
【Universal Fit for Any Window】Designed to effortlessly accommodate single and double-hung windows spanning 27″ to 36″ wide, our Window Bird Feeder seamlessly elevates the ambiance of any living space.
【 Educational Entertainment】Perfect for apartment and condo residents, as well as bird enthusiasts, our feeder offers hours of captivating entertainment, allowing you to intimately explore your backyard ecosystem.
【An Ideal Gift】Perfect for occasions like Christmas, Children’s Day, and a myriad of other festive moments, our Window Bird Feeder makes for a truly delightful and thoughtful present that brings nature’s marvels closer to your loved ones.

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