Salate Cat Water Fountain, 101oz / 3L Ultra Quiet Pet Water Fountain for Cats Inside Water Dispenser with Filter and LED Light for Water Shortage Alert

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Product Description



Salate Cat Water Fountain




Lack Water (Red)Reminder & Protection

Works normally with blue is onWater shortage when red light is onRed light on to remind you of low water level, meanwhile, pump auto stops to save itself from running dry.

3L Large-Capacity of Water Storage

Salate pet water fountain with 3L large capacity, the owner does not need to add water for cats every day. Just fill up the water dispenser once, the cat will have fresh water to drink in 4-7 days. At the same time, drinking more water is essential to prevent kidney and urinary system diseases.

Ultra-silent Water Pump

Near-silent even deep night, create a more peace comfortable environment for you and pets. Friendly to baby, old man, maternal and person sensitive to noise.A silent pump works fine and lasts long, it barely makes noise and provides a more peaceful environment for you and your fur friends(<40db) thanks to the well built rotor from aviation material.





Safe Material

Salate Pet Water Fountain is made of high quality ABS material, which is BPA-free,but also durable and easy to clean. It provides fresh water for pets to keep them healthy and hydrated.

High Filtration Precision

Salate cat water fountain filter with 3 powerful filtration layers is going to catch all,and purify water clean to the point of nearly 100%! The water stays really clean of dust, dirt, cat hair, debris, heavy metals, and even the invisible.

Indoor & Outdoor Use

The pet water fountain can be used indoors powered by a socket or used outdoors(family trip or camping) powered by a power bank.Ultra low power pump of 1W only, a power bank is capable of backing it up for a long-period outing. Note: Make sure the water dispenser is placed on a flat surface


Clean the Pet Water Pump


Spout*1Water Tray*1Water Tube*13L Cat Water Fountain Tank *1Silent Water Pump*1Filter*1Adapter*1User Manual*1

What kind of pump built in?

Self-protection from running dry

You don’t have to be always on the lookout for running dry since the pump will pay attention to it itself, auto shut down when in low water level to save itself from dry running, meanwhile, turn on the red light to remind you of refilling.

Step 1.Please cut off power and turn off the fountain before cleaning the water fountain. Step 2.Remove the pump cover. Step 3.Remove the impeller cap by placing your fingernail underneath the small lip. Step 4.Remove the Impeller and clean the parts with soap and warm water. Note: Generally recommended to clean it once a week(No need to use detergent when cleaning, but a rag and clean water).Turn off the power before cleaning the water fountain.


Easy To Install

Clean the cat water fountain before use Inserting the filter (blue side on top) Full of the water tankPut the water pump into the water tank and ensure that the water pump is adsorbed to the bottom of the tankPut up the drinking water trayConnected to the power, the blue light on, and water flows out

According to the various behaviors of pets, our Salate pet water dispenser is more favored by cats and dogs

Q: Is this water fountain convenient to clean?How often should I clean it?

A: The Salate cat water fountain is easy to install and clean, and we suggest that change filters, clean the pump and fountain every 1-2 weeks.

Q: How do I know if I need to add water?

A: The Salate water fountain has an upgraded pump which has LED light,it will turn RED to alert you that it needs more water. (BLUE light on during normal work).

Q: Is there any potential electric leakage of this cat water dispenser?

A: Salate cat water bowl working with veey low consumption, even if the wire is bitten off, there is only 0.5 mA induced current which is harmless for human and pets.(when use as directed)

Q: What should I do if my cats don’t drink from cat water dispenser?

A: First of all, the water dispenser should be placed at somewhere cats often pass, such as close to the food bowls or toys. Secondly, cats are naturally curious and prefer flowing water, as long as the owner gives more guidance, cats will gradually get used to using the water dispenser.

Q:What material is this product made of? Is it harmful to pets?

A:The pet water fountain is made of high quality PP resin material and BPA free, which is safe for pets and also durable.

LED Light Shortage Alert: Our cat fountain has a pump that will turn off automatically when water level is too low to protect itself from burn out. LED light will turn red to alert you that it needs more water. (Blue light on during normal work)
3L Golden Capacity: The capacity of our cat drinking fountain is 3L/101oz. It can provide cats with 7 days’ water consumption or small dogs with 3-4 days’ water consumption, which is very suitable for families on short-term business trips
Triple Filtration with Qualified Material: Our cat water bowl is made of high quality PP resin material and BPA free, which is qualified and durable. Also has dual-core triple layer filter, which can get rid of 99% impurities and provide clean and fresh water to cats and dogs. Rinse the cat fountain filter before use and replace them every 3-4 weeks
Easy to Install and Clean: Our pet water fountain is designed with a simple quick release structure, which is easy to install and clean. It is necessary to clean the water pump and water fountain every 2 weeks in case that dog hair/debris might block the pump and cause malfunction

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