Solar Bird Feeder for Outdoors Hanging, Metal Wild Bird Feeder for Cardinals Solar Garden Lantern with Hook As Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers (1.3LB Heavy Duty Weather Resistance Birdfeeders)

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Winter is here and it’s getting harder and harder for wild birds to find food in the cold weather. Hang this bird feeder on your garden backyard porch or place it outside and fill it with bird seed, the birds will love it!

Outside bird feeder
Material: Metal (copper).
Seed capacity: 1.3 lbs
Size: 20*20cm/7.87×7.87inch
Make your garden a sanctuary for birds
It holds 1.3lbs of various seeds: seed mixes, sunflower seeds, peanut halves, corn or safflower to reduce the number of fills.

360 degree feeder allows multiple birds to feed from all angles without having to compete for ports

Heavy-duty brass that won’t rust or tarnish, so birds can’t chew or damage the bird feeder.

Easy to use
Fully assembled and ready to hang on a branch or outdoors.

Suitable for a wide range of bird seeds such as seed mixes, sunflower seeds, peanut pieces etc.

The hollow metal tube design can also be used as a great hanging decoration/gift idea in your garden, patio, yard.

Bird feeder with solar light
Great gift idea as it lights up automatically at night
The LED light comes on automatically at night and lasts for 6-8 hours when fully charged.

When the light passes through the hollow feeding tube, it refracts a beautiful shadow pattern.

A great gift for parents, mums, dads, grandads, grandmas, daughters, sons, friends and nature lovers.

Specifications of the Solar Light
Solar panel: Polycrystalline energy panel 2V 100mA
Battery:1 x 1.2V AA standard 600mAh NiMH battery white light

[Bird Feeders for Outdoors Hanging]: you can hang it directly in the patio or beside a bird house. To fill the food or seeds for birds, please open the cap on the top. Also easy to clean: Wash directly with water and then dry out.
[Durable Materials and Quality]: Made of durable metal, which is able to shade the sunlight and rain-resistant. Also can be preserved for a long period with the anti-rust coating. Polished all over the surface. Birds will be happy to use.
[Wild Bird Feeders for Outside] :There is a “lock” on the top to prevent water from entering in order to keep inside dry. The hole reserved at the bottom allows the water to outflow quickly. Birds can shelter from the rain under our wild bird feeders when raining.
[Enegry Saving Eco-Friendly]:Comes with extra-large solar cell and panel, automatic charging during the day and the LED lights will automatically light up at night

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