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Vocray Bird Netting 15X15FT Heavy Duty Garden Bird Net, Bird Mesh Netting for Garden,Fruit Tree,and Other Plants,Against Poultry,Squirrels and Deer

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(as of Nov 07,2023 15:10:21 UTC – Details)

Product Description

bird nettingbird netting

1/2-inch mesh sizeVersatile for various usesMade of polyethylene materialQuick installation and convenient storageDIY customization

bird nettingbird netting

bird mesh nettingbird mesh netting

garden bird netgarden bird net

Both beautiful and can protect the results of your hard work, the protective bird net is tight and firm and not easy to break

The extra strength comes from a tightly woven mesh net.Perfect for gardeners who appreciate outstanding results with added convenience. The netting may be layered onto itself to create an extra thick barrier as a plant protector or garden fence net.

Brilliantly designed to keep your plants safe against birds, deer, squirrels, rabbits and other critters.With water permeability.


pool nettingpool netting

garden bird nettinggarden bird netting

Pond netting

One of the uses is a pond net, which can protect your fish and prevent leaves from falling into the pond.

Pool netting

Another use is a pool leaf net, which reduces the time you spend cleaning the pool.

Garden crop netting

The third use is a vegetable garden net, which protects your fruits and vegetables from birds, squirrels, deer, rabbits, and other animals.

❷ Versatile for various uses: This deer netting is suitable for a wide range of applications, including gardens, bird protection, ponds, vegetable patches, and more. It offers a versatile solution for different needs.
❸ Made of polyethylene material: The netting is crafted from high-quality polyethylene material, ensuring durability and longevity. It is tear-resistant and can withstand extreme hot and cold weather conditions. It also has UV resistance and is resistant to corrosion and aging.
❹ Quick installation and convenient storage: The garden bird netting is designed for easy installation, saving time and effort. It can be easily stored without tangling and can be reused multiple times.
❺ DIY customization: The netting’s elasticity and resilience make customization easy. It can be cut into any desired size, making it suitable for various garden layouts and configurations.

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