Wagner’s 53003 Farmer’s Delight Wild Bird Food with Cherry Flavor, 20-Pound Bag & 82042 Songbird Banquet Wild Bird Food, 5-Pound Bag

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armer's Delight Wild Bird Food With Cherry Flavorarmer's Delight Wild Bird Food With Cherry Flavor

Wagner’s Farmer’s Delight Wild Bird Food

Wagner’s Farmer’s Delight Wild Bird Food is a clean blend of millet, milo, cracked corn and sunflower. This general purpose mix is great for attracting all birds, especially ground feeders. Great for birders who wish for an economical option. Trust your backyard birds to the experts at Wagner’s.

Bird Feeding Fundamentals – When Feeding Wild Birds, There Are 4 Keys To a Successful Program


Provide different types of food to attract more variety of birds. Sunflower is a great seed that many species love. Higher quality mixes attract more birds. Keep feeders full so birds will continue to visit.


Provide a variety of feeders to attract the greatest variety of birds. Use hoppers and tube feeders for Sunflower and mixes. Use Finch feeders for Nyjer and Finch mixes. Platform feeders will accommodate ground feeding birds.


Provide a shallow water source (2 inch-3 inch deep) so birds can bathe and drink. Water also attracts birds that feeding stations alone cannot, such as ones that feed on insects alone.


Place feeders in locations already frequented by birds. Place by shrubs and/or trees to offer protection.


Where should I locate my feeder to attract the most birds?

Make sure that your feeder is close to natural shelter such as trees and shrubs to provide protection for your birds, but be careful not to make it too convenient for squirrels. Also, place it in a location so that you can enjoy watching the activities of your feathered friends.

Should I feed the birds year-round?

Yes, birds need food year-round, so it is best to keep bird feeders full all year. Birds have a high metabolism and need to continually eat. Birds nest from late winter through late summer and during these months there is not an abundance of natural foods, so they need additional food for breeding and raising their young.

What is the best bird food?

Oil Sunflower Seed is one of the best seeds to have in a wild bird food mix. It is popular with a large number of species and is easy to feed in a variety of feeder styles. Wagner’s blends provide a wide selection of seed choices that will attract a largest variety of birds to the backyard feeder. Wagner’s has the mixes that will attract the species you want and will fit any budget.

Fetched from B07JFPBJ2Z.Fetched from B07JFPBJ2Z.

Wagner’s Songbird Banquet Bird Food

Trust your backyard birds to the experts at Wagner’s. Songbird Banquet is formulated to attract a wide variety of songbirds and keep them coming back to the feeder. Bird favorites-black oil and striped sunflower, peanuts, safflower and tree nuts fill this mix with all natural nutrition. Wagner’s Gourmet series blends contain no fillers. That equals better value for you and healthier food for your wild birds.

Fetched from B07JFPBJ2Z.Fetched from B07JFPBJ2Z.

Product 1: Contains general purpose seeds including sunflower
Product 1: Use in Hopper or Tube Feeders
Product 1: Highest quality grains used in blending
Product 2: 5-highly nutritious foods that will attract a wide variety of birds to your backyard
Product 2: An all-natural, high-quality mix filled with the healthy proteins and fats birds crave
Product 2: Contains no fillers
Product 2: Created to attract both small and large beak colorful songbirds including cardinals, chickadees, jays and more

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