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Bird-X Deterrent Netting Hardware, Plastic Clips, 250 Pieces (MTG-CASE)

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Price: $94.13 - $79.10
(as of Nov 18,2023 04:49:18 UTC – Details)

How It Works Mounting Clips are an easy way to install all Bird-X netting varieties. These effective, durable, secure, and heavy duty clips simply snap onto the edges of the netting to securely hold it in place. The Mounting Clips’ flat surface and provided holes allow for multiple types of Installation. Mounting Clips are hassle free and maintenance free and last for many years. Pests Repelled Depending on the type of Bird Netting applied with the Mounting Clips, proper Installation can effectively repel a variety of birds & other pest animals. Where to Use When Mounting Clips are combined with Bird Netting, correct application is more readily achieved. Ideal for use on the ends of netting to attach directly to structures, or to combine lengths of netting together when covering large areas. Installation Provided holes & flat surface structure of Mounting Clips allow for various methods of installation. After snapping the Mounting Clips onto netting edges & snapping it securely, screws, nails, adhesive, cable, or other methods can be used to attach Bird Netting & Clips onto a surface. 250 Clips per pack, use 1 clip per 1-2 feet.
Holes for screws or nails.
Flat surface for adhesive or hook and loop closures.
Loop for cable installations.

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