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Meleave Bird Feeders for Outdoors, 6.5lb Large Capacity, Heavy Duty Metal Bird Feeder, Supports Cardinal, Finch, Blue Jay and Wild Birds

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Product Description

metal bird feedermetal bird feeder

Support a Healthy Backyard Bird Population with a 360° Hanger Feeder from Meleave

Whether you’re an avid bird watcher or you simply love making nature a priority in your own backyard, a high-quality bird feeder can really make all the difference when it comes to drawing a diverse selection f birds in. We developed the Meleave Hanging Bird Feeder with 360° eating platform, large capacity design, and rugged metal artistry to stand up to inclement weather and messy birds alike. In fact, it’s super easy to fill, hang up, and use year after year, so you can continue to expand the local bird population right in your own backyard.

bird feedersbird feeders

chew-proof cagechew-proof cage Chew-Proof Cage

We know that birds can get a little wild when they’re landing quickly to grab a bite before they fly off again, which is why our metal is chew-proof, durable, and waterproof.

Chew-Proof Cage

Multi-Bird Perches

There are four-fold-down perches, one on each side, to make it easier for multiple birds to perch together and share a meal. Perfect for expanding your local wild bird collection.

Animals such as squirrels, deer and raccoons can barely open the lid because of the bird-shaped safety lock that securely locks onto the feeder. We recommend placing the feeder out of reach of squirrels because they are smart enough to jump on the perch and eat the seeds.

Hanging Bird Feeder Metal Mesh Cage Large Capacity: 6.5 lbs. 360° Eating Platform Flip-Out Standing Perches Rust Resistant Finish

backyard decorbackyard decor

Beautiful Backyard Landscape Decor

The sleek, stylish design of our Meleave bird feeders mean they blend in more effectively with the environment but also help add a bit of style to your outdoor landscaping. They look great hanging off of poles, tree limbs, balconies, and on decks or patios. It even comes with hanging hardware for a quick DIY installation.

wild bird feederwild bird feeder

Support Health Bird Populations

One of the most fun things about our mesh bird feeder is that it gives you the ability to continually feed your local, backyard birds. This can help sustain them throughout colder months, support their expanding families in the spring, and leave you feeling inspired by natural in real time.

Large bird feederLarge bird feeder

garden decorgarden decor

cute bird feedercute bird feeder

Holds Seeds and Nuts

This large-capacity bird feeder holds an amazing 6.5 lbs. of seed which means you can fill it up less often while still supporting your growing bird populations food habits.

Hanging Hardware

We want to make it super simple to get our caged bird feeder set up so you can use it right away. That’s why we’ve also included hanging hardware to help you get started.

Year-Round Display

Our outdoor bird feeder is made to stand up to every change in the season. You can fill it up and draw in birds spring, summer, autumn, or winter to keep them doing strong.

four season for wild birdsfour season for wild birds

Large Capacity, Easy-Fill Design – Our hanging bird feeders for outdoors offer easy food access and can be filled with food birds love including corn, peanuts, nuts, and organic product large seeds to attract wild birds.
Decorative Bird Feeder – Offering a designer look with functional appeal this large capacity bird feeder holds up to 6.5 lbs. of bird seed and supports a range of different birds includes finches, cardinals, blue jays, robins, and much more wild birds.Metal lanyards can be easily hang on a shephards hook or tree.
Accessible 360° Feeding Tray – This wild bird feeder features a four-sided food distribution design with four long, fold-out bird perches to support birds landing and feeding from every side. A smart choice for avid bird watchers and natural lovers.
Sturdy, Chew-resistant – The wild bird feeders are crafted chew-resistant, sturdy metal to stand up to sharp talons, heavy pecking, and even rain, snow, and inclement weather. Important for keeping those birds fed all year-round.
Improve Food Preservation – Meleave all-in-one large bird feeder is designed with mesh paneling on all four sides, as well as a drainage system on the bottom. This helps keep seeds fresher, longer which is vital to bird health and sustainability.

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