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Ruolan Bird Netting for Garden Protect Vegetable Plants and Fruit Trees,Plastic Trellis Netting for Birds, Deer,Squirrels and Other Animals

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Price: $12.99 - $8.99
(as of Nov 06,2023 14:26:28 UTC – Details)

Product Description


Ruolan, founder KIKI.

The R&D center is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and is composed of Swedish independent designers and co-designers to provide creative support for the brand.

Ruolan is mainly engaged in household products, and also manages life accessories and other categories, covering daily life, integrating research and development, design, supply and sales, providing practical products and life inspiration for people’s daily life.

bird nettingbird netting

product information:

Bird netting for garden: 13 feet x 20 feet

Mesh size: 0.8 inches x 0.8 inches

Package includes: 1X Bird Net

Many uses:

bird nettingbird netting

bird nettingbird netting

garden neetinggarden neeting

garden netgarden net

garden neetinggarden neeting

Easy to install:

It can be installed in a few minutes. Our net is easy to cut into a certain size and will not fall apart, which is different from other products.

garden nettinggarden netting

Safe and durable, repeated use:

Made of durable polypropylene, it has anti-ultraviolet and anti-corrosion effects, will not rust or rot, and can withstand the hot sun and storms

garden nettinggarden netting

Protect your fruits and plants from birds, squirrels, deer and other animals.

The economical and portable bird netting is an ideal solution for avoiding birds by covering fruit trees, shrubs and other plants.

【Reusable】It won’t tear easily, rust or rot like metal or wood, doesn’t tangle and reusable
【DIY and easy to instal】Polypropylene mesh netting,freely cut into the size and shape you want.Just fix it on the stake or column during installation
【Sturdier than other nets】Our bird netting is light and strong, not as thin and fragile as other nets.Made from durable polypropylene, it is UV and rot resistant unlike nylon material,Built for long life
【Protect Your Fruits】Protect your fruits, plants, blueberries, strawberries, etc.

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